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    Reliance Relocation

    March 5th, 2008 by bujes.marketing

    I called Reliance Relocation when I purchased my second home. I’m so glad I did! Their customer service team was fast and professional, and dealt with all my specific needs. I was able to set a time and date that was convenient for me. The movers showed up on time for both the pick up and the drop off. My items were delivered in one piece, and even unpacked into my new home!

    For those “extras” that I didn’t want moved in right away, Reliance Relocation offered short term storage until I was ready for them. It was so convenient to be able to get all my necessities in place before bringing in all the other stuff that was packed up when we moved. Their short term storage offered so much more than a storage garage, since my stored things were delivered straight to my house when I wanted them.

    This moving service definitely impressed me. It seemed like they offered something for each of my individual needs. The representative told me they have long term storage, which will be perfect if we move all that furniture stored in our parent’s garage. I’ll definitely be calling Reliance Relocation the next time I need to move or store.

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    7 Tips For Moving Day

    December 2nd, 2006 by bujes.marketing

    Moving Day can involve so many emotions – excitement, elation versus nerves, panic and sadness. Here are some tips to lower the stress levels on moving day.

    1. Have your mobile phone charged up! There you are waiting for the call from your solicitor to tell the money has been transferred, you can pick up the keys and you then realise your mobile phone isn’t working. Or worse still, the money has not been transferred and there is a problem. Make sure that you can be contactable throughout the day.

    2. Pack, pack, pack. Don’t leave it too late. Especially if you’ve lived in your house for a long time. As you sit down to pack you may be tempted to sort, sort, sort which might end up to reminising over the family photo album. Of course that’s all very nice, but with so much packing to do, it’s the wrong time. Alternatively have the packing all done for you.

    3. Be ready for the removal men. The beds need to be dismantled if appropriate, the cushions need to be bagged up, not left on the sofa. Mirrors and pictures need to be protected. The removal men may add extra protection to some items, but not all. Again consider having the packing all done for you – it costs more but it’s easier and good for stress levels.

    4. Keep your most precious items packed in your own bag and take them with you as hand luggage – they may get lost or broken in the packing and removal process. Though it is unlikely it is possible and why risk it?

    5. Don’t pack the hoover and basic cleaning equipment. When the removal men have gone you may need to give the house a quick hoover and wipe over ready for the new occupants. Moving in to a dirty house is grim. Hopefully the occupants of your new house will have done the decent thing. Again, you could have this done for you as part of a packing and removal package.

    6. Be sure you have everything you need to have your favourite refreshments handy: be it beer, tea,(mugs and milk too), biscuits ready (and a tea towel). You might just need a cuppa after the removal men have left and your home is an empty nest. And when you arrive at your new house you’ll know where the kettle is amongst the boxes.

    7. At the end of the day, enjoy your favourite take away and a bottle of champers on top of the boxes in your new home. On second thoughts, splash out at your new local restaurant instead. You’ve made it.

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    Susy Copus is a property commentator and has written for the UK Property Search Engine, http://www.wheresmyproperty.com, http://www.renovatealerts.com who specialise in finding property to renovate and http://www.propertymoneymaker.co.uk.

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