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    Investing in Slovenia properties for safety

    August 26th, 2010 by bujes.marketing

    We live in the tough world and our financial future is not secure if we do not make it safe. We have to start investing our money in different ways as soon as possible to get enough capital to make our late year happy and safe.

    Invest in Turkey Apartments in Turkey By Riviera Invest

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    Ljubljana apartment

    July 11th, 2010 by bujes.marketing

    Ljubljana is a capital city of Slovenia, a country located in Central Europe. Slovenia is in EU since 2004. But Ljubljana is not only capital city but also economical, political and cultural center of Slovenia. It is famous by it’s sights such as Ljubljana castle, Dragon Bridge, Tromostovje, Tivoli park…Ljubljana is mid-sized city but has everything what big cities has. The nightlife is pretty lively, the most famous night clubs are Top, Exen, Bachus and Inbox.Find real estate Sloveniaapartment Ljubljana and office Ljubljana.

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    How to Flip Properties for Huge Profits

    May 31st, 2009 by bujes.marketing

    Real estate investing tips The word investment here denotes the financial process that commences with a well structured financial planning…..and ends with profitability. Real estate investing (flipping properties) is considered as one of the most profitable investment vehicles, and requires commitment from the flippers. As locating and selecting a potential property can be challenging, educating yourself with real estate investing tips will prove valuable to your success. If an individual feels this investment of searching for a property themselves is time consuming, he can seek the help of real estate agents who can invest their time and efforts to give you the best deal in the market. An investor should obtain complete information and an understanding of the current real estate market, if he wants to generate huge profits from his property flips.

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    Further Strategies

    May 18th, 2007 by bujes.marketing

    The issues of finding balance and deciding on an ultimate goal for each investment was discussed previously in Real Estate Investing – How To Pick the Best Strategy. The question that needs to be asked is: What is the desired outcome? Why should any investor get involved? Having goals – as well as the time to devote to developing a strategy – really shapes how one can move forward.< investor searches for the plan that works best for them, they need to remember that some strategies aren’t as risky as others and thus will not yield the same kind of profits. Others may take up more time than your have to properly devote to them for success.

    Regardless of the strategy, it’s necessary to ask the following important questions:

    Is the plan something that can be mastered with the right “education”? In the end, the success anyone has with their strategy really depends on what they put into it from the beginning. Will there be enough time to make it work? Does it fit in with their personality? Is it possible to become the expert with this strategy?

    Does the investor have the time it will take to do the proper research? Time is a really important factor when it comes to developing a successful strategy. Investors need to know from the start whether they will have the time to make it work. Since some strategies can require a great deal of time, they need to decide what time they have available to devote.

    Is the strategy something that enables the investor to achieve their objectives? In other words, can they make the kind of money they want within the boundaries they are willing to explore? Ultimately, they will need to decide if their strategy is really working for them and their lifestyle.


    Is there sincere passion behind it?

    At the end of the day, if the plan that is mapped out doesn’t “do it” for the investor, then it’s not likely they’ll be very successful with it. So they need to think about the aspects they enjoy most: Do they enjoy rehabbing and flipping? Consulting? Buying and holding? These are all things to consider.

    More importantly, the “perfect” strategy may not exist – at least not at first. Usually, once there is success, the momentum builds and gives way to the plan that will continue to work in the future. But until then, compromises may need to be made. Things like time and money constraints factor in to some of these compromises. It may be wise in the beginning to keep the expectations lower and build them up once there are initial successes. It may even be a good idea to have short and long term goals in mind.

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    Do You Have A “Dinner Party” Portfolio?

    March 15th, 2007 by bujes.marketing

    When they’re starting out, investors are inundated with opportunity. On websites. At tradeshows. In the mail. It’s everywhere. Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Florida, Estonia, Las Vegas, Bulgaria, Thailand, Germany, Goa, , Hungary, UK and so many more. It’s a candy store for the budding property investor with so many outstanding opportunities to choose from.

    The experienced professional investor knows that most of the countries are simply distractions or ways to easily line the pockets of salespeople… and to lose money.

    Let me introduce one of my investors – “Tina”. She has an awesome “dinner party” portfolio, meaning that around the dinner table she can hold her own with the best of them.

    She owns a great place in France on a 17 year leaseback, a wonderful Spanish apartment only 10 mins from the beach, a main street apartment in Auckland, New Zealand, an off plan Dubai apartment, a Bulgarian ski chateau, a Northern Cyprus apartment to die for with views of the Mediterranean from the bedroom, an apartment in central Berlin (that’s on the infamous east side only minutes from Alexanderplautz). She also has 3 apartments and her own home in the UK.

    After I met with her, it was obvious that her investment strategy consisted of buying whatever sounded good. In fact, she was blissfully unaware of the fact that her portfolio was a ticking time bomb.

    Tina was in:

    • 8 different property markets, with
    • 7 different languages, and
    • 8 different property laws, and
    • 10 different letting agents, and
    • 8 different market cycles.

    If that wasn’t enough she needs to understand the mortgage products of 8 different countries so she can access her equity as well as 8 different taxation laws. Are you starting to get the picture?

    I have always loved Warren Buffet’s investing ethos, especially his opinion on diversification:

    Diversification is protection against ignorance… It makes very little sense if you know what you are doing.

    You see I have always been a fundamentals investor. One of the things about fundamentals is that once you understand a market and begin making money in it you simply keep doing it, you DO NOT think well I made some money, so what’s the next challenge? You persist, you build systems to make it easier for you to make money, you build better relationships and as a result you make more money, easier.

    That’s the essence of my ‘Set and Forget’ philosophy

    The only time you even consider going into a different market is once you have built a solid foundation in the first. That’s what being a fundamentals investor means.

    You see Tina had bought one property everywhere without any fundamentals, she never cared about questions like:

    • when my French property goes up in value over the 17 years how to I take the equity out?
    • How much capital gains will I pay?
    • How many inner city Auckland flats are coming online at the same time as my flat?
    • Who will either buy or rent my Dubai flat once it’s ready in 12 months?

    It’s questions like these Tina had no idea how to answer. She had simply been attracted to the initial deal. This is one of the best ways to be assured of losing money.

    Property investment is a small part buying and a big part holding. Don’t think that just because you got a good deal on the purchase that it is a good deal. You need to consider the holding, the re-mortgaging, and the disposing.

    Only then can you truly say it’s a good deal.

    Brett Wood is an author and property investor. He runs a successful property investment consultancy in the United Kingdom. His strategies have helped thousands of investors to get on the property ladder and build successful property portfolios.Originally from Australia where he was a successful mortgage broker he moved to the UK in 2002 and since then has build a massive portfolio of off plan and new build residential properties in the UK, Spain, Slovakia and Australia.

    For further details contact Brett Wood at http://www.yourpropertyclub.com or directly on 0870 042 1188.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brett_Wood

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    Real Estate Investment Loans

    December 22nd, 2006 by bujes.marketing

    On deciding on making an investment in real estate, it is not always possible for everyone to make the investment by paying outright cash. Most of the time real estate investment loans are required to make the investment. However, getting the real estate investment loan completed is a difficult aspect of real estate investment.

    The main reason it is difficult to get a real estate investment loan completed is that banks, financial lenders and mortgage companies are rather careful when choosing whom they grant the loan to, and its interest rate. Having a good credit score can save lots of hours in the completion of the real estate investment loan. This is because; the higher is the credit score, the lower the interest rate of the real estate investment loan. And with a good credit score, the lenders find it rather easy to decide on lending you the money.

    Besides the credit score, another factor that decides on whether or not to sanction a real estate investment loan is how you intend to repay the loan. It is no point having the best credit score if you don’t have an income to repay the monthly installments. When applying for the real estate investment loan, the loan officer will examine your income and expenses to decide how much you can afford for a monthly installment.

    Keeping this in mind, they will then help you find the right house with the right price range for you. This is the main reason it is advisable to consult with a loan officer before making a real estate investment loan. With a real estate investment loan, it is important that you have a steady income where you have to have worked with your employer for a minimum of two years.

    Of course, you can avoid this point for the loan by opting for a high risk real estate investment loan where you can buy a home, regardless of your income. However, remember that these real estate investment loans usually have a high interest rate and are usually offered by companies who wish to acquire your home on the forfeiture of your real estate investment loan. So choose this form of a real estate investment loan with great care.

    It is possible to get a lower rate in the real estate investment loan if you pay a higher deposit amount towards the loan. Though this is expensive in the beginning, you can save money during the term of the real estate investment loan. Some people opt for real estate investment loans to improve their credit score; in such cases, it is better to make at least a year’s payment towards the loan before terminating it, as short term loans only hamper your credit score.

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    Things to consider before investing in Real Estate

    December 22nd, 2006 by bujes.marketing

    The real estate market is experiencing a boom in practically all parts of the world. With the high appreciation rates practically all countries offer, investing in real estate proves to be a great means of seeing your money double after some time.


    However, there are some points to consider before investing in real estate. The first thing to consider before investing in real estate is to decide whether or not you can afford it. If you intend to make a real estate investment loan to invest in real estate, you have to consider if you will be able to make the necessary repayments towards the loan. And if you intend to make an outright purchase on the real estate investment, you have to be confident that you can afford to spend so much money on real estate investing.


    Once the budgetary phase of real estate investing is cleared, the next point to consider before investing in real estate would be to choose a competent real estate agent or company. It is always better to choose the real estate agent that has good market knowledge with the necessary gradation in the latest trends of the real estate market. Remember that the real estate agent also has to be reliable person as the bargain of the real estate investment depends on the agent’s knowledge and trust. Make it a point to confirm that the real estate agent is not the disguised other party’s agent. With the right agent, all real estate investment concerns are curbed; however with the wrong agent, you end up with a bad bargain with possible problems.


    Yet another thing to consider before investing in real estate is the reason for your investment. If the investment is for you and your family, check out on the papers and formalities of the land. Consider water, electricity and road connectivity to the real estate. Choose real estate that is close to schools, shops and other basic necessities. If it is a home you are investing in, it is important that you check the interiors of the home, for any faults and repairs.


    However, if you intend to make the investment to be sold in the future, it is important that you do some research on the real estate. Find out how much of an appreciation the land goes through ever year, and accordingly calculate which area brings you the most profit. There is no point making an investment in land that is not in demand amongst the public. The investment should be profitable to you in the end.

    When your capital is not tied up in property remember to find the highest ISA interest rates to get the most out of your tax free savings.

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    California real estate investing

    December 20th, 2006 by bujes.marketing

    California real estate investing is thought to be a lucrative and safe business owing to the consistent prices maintained by the California real estate market. One of the main advantages of real estate investing is that the price of land never comes down, and this is very much true for a much happening place in the world like, California. There can be fluctuations, but if you are careful you can come out very much unscathed.

    For a prospective investor, there are several California real estate investment options available such as investment in vacant land, condos, luxury homes and commercial properties. To gather more information on California real estate investing ideas, approach professional real estate agents specializing in California or look in similar web resources.

    The plus with the latter option is that there is no need of moving physically from your home or office to find information on California real estate investing. You can surf the many sites offering California real estate investing information with a few clicks of the mouse. However, when dealing with California real estate investing through the internet, it is important that you get to have a look at a preferably large photo of the property before considering investing in it.

    This is because with these pictures, you will be able to find any existing flaws in the property. It is even better still if you can have a personal look at the property before investing in it. Find out if there are any legalities pertaining to the property before investing in the property. If it is a house or condo that you intend to buy, then it is better to have a thorough investigation of the house before concluding the deed.

    If you prefer approaching the real estate agents for your California real estate investing needs, choose the real estate firms that are more famous and reputed. Else, there is a chance that you may receive false or non-genuine information about California real estate investing, for it is something that requires professional research and analysis of the current market trends. Don’t make commitments with real estate agents as once you make a commitment with a real estate agent; you will be stuck with their persistence. Such a risk however does not exist if you deal through online means.

    To sum it up, whichever mode you adopt for California real estate investing, it is very important that you initially do some comparisons on the rates of the real estate in different areas of California before making your final decision. That will make sure that you will strike the best deal available.

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    The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

    December 20th, 2006 by bujes.marketing

    Real estate has conventionally been considered a safer and intelligent investment option, and this is due to two reasons. One, the price of land never comes down, especially if the piece of real estate is in a happening place, and secondly, and it is quite lucrative as opposed to other available investment options such as buying gold, mutual funds, and currency investments. True, the price of real estate fluctuates and it is in fact an inevitable phenomenon of the real estate market. But, as long as you closely study the market trends and play along with the changes, there is only minimal risk involved in the entire business. If someone loses money in the business, then that is only indicative of how poor his business skills are, even though other unavoidable conditions can also sometimes lead to losses.

    One more aspect to take note in real estate investment is that as opposed to other conventionally considered investment options, real estate investment may take a longer period of time to produce any real profits. It just cannot happen overnight.

    Another benefit with investing in real estate is that it does not require any hardcore prior experience in the domain to set the ball rolling. The business is all about buying a property for some amount – it increases with the place and also the size of the land/building bought – and reselling the bond for a higher rate to earn profits. In a way, large number of people getting into the real estate business is solely due to this non-requirement of domain expertise in the whole aspect. With the help of an able consultant, anybody can actually start buying/selling properties. Few years in the business, and then any industrious enough person could run it on their own sans much external assistance.

    Yet another plus with real estate investing is that one could kick start the proceedings even without spending a single penny from their own savings. In fact, this is the way capital for investments in real estate has been traditionally raised. Either prospective investors seek public participation or they take loans from banks to fund their projects. These days, since banks are very liberal in issuing loans, capital amassing is virtually a non-issue. For a potential investor, it is just about striking a suitable deal with any of the popular banks in your city/town.

    To sum it up, investing in real estate is quite a lucrative idea, provided one has the drive and passion to execute it to yield consistent profits. It also doubles up as a good job for youngsters who are ambitious and self-driven. If you wish to know more about real estate investing, contact a real estate professional.

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