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    Limitiations of Modern Golf Clubs

    May 1st, 2012 by bujes.marketing

    Spending money on the latest golfing gadgets is the favorite pastime of most people that play the sport, but, we have to wonder if spending a lot of money on new golf products is really worth it. Nearly every new golf club brought to market will claim to go longer, further and straighter than anything else, we know this cannot be true!

    Golf is run and controlled by the USGA in North America and the R&A in Scotland. Every new golf club or golf ball that is up for sale has to pass through a rigorous testing program to ensure it conforms to the rules of golf. The rules are in place to keep the game competitive and to ensure that a new club does not suddenly have the ability to hit the ball significantly further than current models. If this happens it could render golf courses useless as golfers may find the course to short and easy.

    Rules are based on performance, limitations on dimensions and other advanced testing like measuring the amount of movement on the club face at impact. It is almost impossible to design a new golf club that will outperform the current models by a significant margin.
    The best chance for golfers to improve their performance is to increase their practice time each week. This will increase consistency and when the golf swing is working correctly you will start to see a bit more distance on an average shot.

    One of the best ways to ensure a golfer gets plenty of practice time is to consider installing some type of golf simulation at home. These days entry level simulators cost around $380 which is not that expensive. The software is designed to track your swing and alert you to any errors that maybe causing problems. The more time a golfer spends using a products like these, the faster they will improve their golf.

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