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    Chevy crate engines by Proformance unlimited

    May 30th, 2012 by bujes.marketing

    When it comes to engine installation, it is advisable to have a well experienced mechanic or engine builder to install it. The engine should also be of high quality. Some of the recommended engines by most mechanics are the chevy crate engines. These engines are preferred by most mechanics because they are easy to install. They easily fit, and are compatible with most car applications. For engine swaps, most mechanics advise their clients to have the engines custom made for their cars. This makes it easier for the swap to be made without major technical mechanical issues. For custom made engine, you need to contact the engine building company of your choice directly. You may visit them online and contact their twenty four hour web based customer care team. These are the best placed people to help you get your engine custom made to your requirements. You should be precise about all the details of your new engine. In a matter of a relatively short period of time, you should be able to receive your custom made engine at your home or location of preference. Shipping is done to any part of the world. You do not have to worry of how you will get your engine.

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    Detailing Your Car By Yourself

    May 28th, 2012 by bujes.marketing

    Detailing your own car can be incredibly rewarding, and it will save you money. Compared to the cost of a professional auto detail shop, a home detail can’t help but be cheaper even if you use the best sponges and brushes, the best car polish, and the best exterior soap you can find. In addition, you’ll end up more motivated to keep the car clean between details when you do them yourself, resulting in a more comfortable ride day after day.

    I’m not an opponent of detail shops. Getting a car detailed is the male equivalent of going to the spa. You can kick back in a chair, put your feet up, crack open a cold drink, and catch up on celebrity gossip while some poor guy sweats and works in the hot sun getting your car clean. When he’s done (and you’ve picked up a nice tan) you get your car back shining like a gem and smelling like a lemon drop.

    There’s nothing relaxing about detailing a car yourself. It’s hard work. Instead of it being some hired hand laboring in the hot sun with a rag while sweat streams down his face, it’s you. But the fact is that when you do the work yourself, especially if your regular job is more cerebral than physical, you end up with a sense of satisfaction you just can’t get anywhere else.

    Most guys know this intuitively, but they continue to go to the detail shop because they think the shop has equipment they can’t possibly get, especially for shampooing upholstery and carpets. We all know what a home carpet shampooing machine looks like, and we assume there’s one for the car, too. There’s not. The detail shop uses carpet and upholstery shampoo that comes in a can. You can get it from an auto parts store for four dollars a bottle and do two hundred dollars’ worth of detailing right in your driveway.

    A lot of guys also shy away from detailing their cars themselves because of the time involved. It does take a lot of time, probably three or four hours to do it right on your own. During that time you’ll be working hard, too, so it’s probably best not to figure out your hourly rate. The materials are cheaper, but you’d probably want better pay than the guy at the detail shop is getting.

    But in a lot of ways the time is irrelevant. Once you start, it gets more enjoyable the longer you do it. You scour the outside and clean out the clutter. You scrape the grunge out of the drink holders. You scrub the seats and carpets with shampoo. You polish up the outside. You wipe down the dash. If the detail shop is the guy’s equivalent of the spa, then the home detail is the guy’s equivalent of cleaning up the kitchen. It’s a lot of work, but it feels great when it’s done.

    Doing the work yourself also affects you psychologically. You’re more likely to keep the car clean between details if you do it yourself, and when a spill does happen you’ll have the products handy to clean it up.

    So why not try it? Go to the auto parts store and pick up the best car polish, cleaning utensils, and shampoo you can buy. Back your car out into the sun. Roll up your sleeves. And dive in. You’ll save money, and you’ll feel good about a job well done.

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    Bug Numbers in 2012 Growing Research Relates

    April 18th, 2012 by bujes.marketing

    With an early spring following a warm winter, the bug numbers in the Southern States is already booming. While these creepy-crawlies are severely destructive to houses, children and vehicles, they’re even menacing endangered species.

    The U.S. fire ant issue started in the 1930s as a tiny colony was mistakenly imported to the U.S. in a ship’s ballast. Today, these voracious carnivores are seen in most of the lower states, from California to Florida. In Houston, TX, endeavors have started to catch and hold back the ants, not just for pest control, but to help the continued existence of the endangered Native Prairie Chicken.

    Two years ago, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department partnered with 2 private non-profit organizations to target a 760 acre area of a Prairie Chicken refuge. This partition was discovered to be fully over-run with red fire ants. Traps were laid and this destructive breed started getting under control. They discovered that with the ants no longer an issue, indigenous bug species started expanding, providing the main food resource to Prairie Chicken babies.

    One year later, the survival rate of these endangered birds had risen to reasonable levels and by this time last year it had grew far beyond it. This just proves how harmful foreign species can be to an eco-system. Another instance of this issue is the “Love Bug” infestation which initiated in Gainesville, FL as a genetically designed bug from the Univ. of FL. Now two times annually, in mating season, the super bugs form clouds along most major roads and expressways, splatting across the front of RVs, ruining paint and costing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Fortunately, new products such as EZ Shield Paint Protector, have come out to combat this issue, at a far less cost than a traditional “car bra.” To read more about this, and the damage these bugs can do to cars, journey over to how it works, this resource also has a multitude of tips & tricks for getting rid of these caustic substances from your vehicle.

    It is difficult to believe that only about 125 years ago, almost 1,000,000 of these Prairie Chickens habituated Texas freely and in 2011, only 110 of the chickens were found statewide. As the refuge continues to treat more acres, the population is expected to flourish even further, replenishing the once plentiful species to its normal stock numbers. For more information on this research, and the treatment of these bugs, journey to environmental research to read the article from the Washington Post reviewing all the details.

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