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    Building on Success, Christopher Block’s St. Paul Real Estate Team Will Expand

    July 19th, 2016 by Peter Boing


    ST. PAUL, Minn. — Thanks to a strong, growing reputation for educating buyers and empowering them to make rewarding purchases, Christopher Block is expanding his team of REALTORS®. Focusing intently on St. Paul and the suburbs locals described as “east and north of the river,” Team Block leader, Christopher Block and his team has proved to be an especially effective partner for first-time home buyers. Whether informing clients about Home Financing for Bad Credit, Twin Cities Down Payment Assistance, or a range of other important topics, Team Block members lead the charge on home-buyer education in the St. Paul area, and team leader Chris Block is ready to expand the roster.

    “If there’s one truism of residential real estate, it is that informed, educated buyers make more rewarding decisions and discover better options before them,” Block said, “On my team at Bridge Realty, we emphasize buyer education at a fundamental level, and the results speak for themselves. Having helped so many first-time home buyers and others become more informed and realize their dreams, we have built up a great deal of momentum in the St. Paul-area real estate market. I’m happy to say that we will be building our team further in the coming months, and we are now actively searching for the perfect candidates.”

    Even with local real estate markets in many parts of the country still recovering from the devastation of the last recession, 2015 provided many reasons for renewed hope. One of the under-reported stories of last year and this one is that first-time home buyers are returning to the nation’s real estate markets with a vengeance. Buoyed by looser lending standards and improved economic prospects, even members of the famously purchase-averse Millennial generation are now much more frequently pursuing home-ownership, as CNN and others have noted.

    As a top-performing agent with one of the region’s leading agencies, Christopher Block was tasked with putting together a team that would focus on St. Paul and its most attractive suburbs; places often especially well suited to first-time buyers. From the start, Block realized that many hopeful home owners were held back not by the realities of their situations, but a simple lack of knowledge and the confidence that so often attends it.

    Emphasizing the power of buyer education as a means of opening up new options for clients and helping them make stronger decisions, Team Block has since turned into one of the most successful of its kind. Whether assisting buyers who aim at St. Paul itself or suburban communities like Arden Hills, Blaine, Roseville, Shoreview, White Bear Lake, or Woodbury, the members of Team Block have forged a reputation as some of the most capable and effective to be found anywhere. Thanks to that momentum, Team Block will expand as soon as qualified candidates are found, while preserving its unique, productive mission and focus.

    About Team Block, Christopher Block Real Estate at Bridge Realty:
    Helping first-time buyers and others better understand their options and the local market, Team Block focuses on St. Paul and its suburbs, working closely with each client to inform, advise, and assist with the making of a rewarding home purchase.

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