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    You Can Find Great Car Insurance in Texas For Less!

    February 16th, 2017 by Peter Boing

    Another reform has been the abolition in a number of provinces with the guest passenger rule.  Under that rule a non-paying passenger in the private automobile cannot recover in tort against the driver unless there is proof of gross negligence.

    Clearly, the removal of this rule has increased the number of claimants who may now recover in tort. Each of these developments improved the probabilities that an innocent victim of an automobile accident could be compensated at least to some extent. But there still must be a proof of fault and, generally, the defendant had to have liability insurance.  To pursue further the compensation purpose of tort law since it applied to car accidents, provinces instituted incentives to induce the owners of motor vehicles to buy liability insurance.

    These were the so-called Financial Responsibility Laws which required proof by any motorist responsible for an accident, that she could pay, by insurance or otherwise not, any damages resulting. If proof was not forthcoming, penalties followed. Fund from where payments were created to victims whose losses and injuries had been caused by uninsured or unidentified motorists.  This basic concept was copied by the rest of the provinces. The funds were made up of contributions by those that, upon registering their vehicles, chose not to buy liability insurance.

    This was not a form of insurance for they because, under threat of the loss of their driving privileges, they were required to reimburse the fund for just about any losses they caused.

    Consumer tips on car insurance in TexasNot pleased with financial responsibility laws as a means of encouraging the supply of insurance to pay for judgments, all provinces have recently resorted to regimes of compulsory automobile insurance.  If you need more info, here. Accordingly, this is a criminal offence with an uninsured car to be operated on public highways. Registrants of motor vehicles are required to provide details of insurance when obtaining licenses or renewals of licenses for their vehicles and law enforcement officers routinely demand proof insurance when a motorist is stopped for whatever reason.

    Offenders are liable to pay heavy fines.  Special arrangements are made to provide pay for high-risk applicants. All of this is clearly built to protect victims (rather than insured defendants). It is, in short, a kind of compensation plan.

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    Eurobahn BMW Greensboro Serving High Point North Carolina

    February 13th, 2017 by Peter Boing

    Valentine’s Day is coming and you realize you are running late on finding the perfect BMW. You know that most last minute gifts tend to look like just that, rushed. How do you dig yourself out of this one? Set yourself apart from the last minute gift givers and give a gift that looks as though it has been thought out for months. You can be the person giving the gift of reliability, prestige and independence by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle at Eurobahn BMW Greensboro.

    We spend hours researching and assessing all the vehicles that come into our inventory; scrutinizing every detail to be sure your next purchase is nothing but the best. We show this by providing comprehensive information regarding the car you are interested in, a complementary CARFAX report and of course, the best part, the test drive. At Eurobahn BMW Greensboro, we will answer all the questions you may have to make sure you feel comfortable with your next purchase.  Eurobahn BMW Greensboro wants to be sure you have peace of mind and we work tirelessly to ensure the vehicle you want fits your needs, personality and your budget.

    Maybe you are on point when it comes to remembering all those little holidays and anniversaries – you are one of a lucky few! Eurobahn BMW Greensboro can still help you with any vehicular needs, big or small. Maybe your wife has noticed a weird sound or shake and you want to be sure that she is safe? We can service your vehicle quickly and effectively at Eurobahn BMW Greensboro.

    Don’t worry about being stuck at a typical service center waiting and waiting. Eurobahn BMW Greensboro offers comfortable seating, unlimited coffee and water as well as complimentary Wi-Fi access to keep you plugged in. If you don’t have any extra time to spend we offer a shuttle service to get you where you need to be and back again. Our main goal is to give you the best service experience while keeping your car running at maximum performance. You will find our staff to be welcoming and knowledgeable and striving to keep you completely educated about your vehicle. Every service ends with a complementary hand wash at Eurobahn BMW Greensboro to not only keep it running pristinely, but also looking pristine.

    Please don’t hesitate to come by to check us out or receive an estimate or call us with any questions that you may have. Eurobahn BMW Greensboro is located at 303 S. Swing Rd. Greensboro, NC, 27409 and you can contact us by phone at (336) 542-3555.

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